With Love

Khush Kush produces only the highest quality, top-shelf strains available on the market

We are a Tier 3 Washington i502 producer-processor with a state-of-the-art indoor grow facility and growing techniques that will leave your customers coming back for more. Our family of experienced growers cultivate each batch with love.


This one *really* lights your brain up! Novices should proceed slowly. One good hit is effective. Two hits get you into orbit. I'll steal a phrase from Jerry Horne of "Twin Peaks: The Return" Khush Kush Brandwine is "ideal for creative sojourns of a solitary nature, wheels up!"

DOPE Magazine | Khush Kush

Khush Kush is a small family farm out of Bellingham, Washington, focused on genetics, top-shelf, pesticide-free product and business transparency. Owned by Sunny Saini and his parents, who immigrated from India, and run by a tight-knit crew of experienced growers,…

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Leafly | Why and How to Raise Your…

“By starting out organic, you allow your mother plants to build up immunity to fight diseases as opposed to protecting them with strong non-organic mediums and nutrients,” said Cody Erickson, head grower of Khush Kush in Bellingham, Washington.

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Leafly | Predators Over Pesticides: An Introduction to…

Leafly sat down with Briggs Lipsitz of Natural Enemies to learn more about beneficial insects, and then watched their products in action at Khush Kush—a cannabis farm in Bellingham, WA.

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